If you’re wondering why I decided to call my website “NOBODY BUT CURTIS,”  it’s as a tribute to my paternal grandfather.  During the 1930s Grampa was the leader of the exquisitely named, Grand Rapids, Michigan, big band “Herman E. Curtis and the Dusky Devastators of the Depression!!!!!!”

     A name that deserves all six of those exclamation points.

Grampa also hosted a weekly radio show in Grand Rapids and would start each broadcast by playing these three familiar notes . . .     

Then Grampa would say,  “Welcome to N.B.C., Nobody But Curtis!  The official home of Herman E. Curtis and his big band!”

The National Broadcasting Corporation was not amused. They wrote Grampa and demanded that he cease and desist.






I know it’s eighty years too late, Grampa, but I got your back.

Let those N.B.C. bullies in New York City try to tell me to change the name of this website, they think they’ve had legal problems before?  Ha!

They must not know I’m from Flint, baby!

So let me conclude by saying,  “Welcome to N.B.C., Nobody But Curtis, the official website of Herman E. Curtis Sr.’s probably unpaid for grandchild, Christopher Paul Curtis.”

You know where I live, Thirty Rock.